Special Session on Development and Prospect of Nuclear Backend

Session Chair:

Dr. Ching-Tsuen Huang

  • Former Director General of the Fuel Cycle and Materials Administration, Atomic Energy Council (AEC), Taiwan
  • Chairperson of the Academic Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, Chung-Hwa Nuclear Society (CHNS), Taiwan

Session Introduction:

This special session mainly focuses on popular topics such as novel reprocessing process for spent nuclear fuel, final disposal, deep borehole disposal, etc., and invites world-renowned experts to introduce the latest technological developments. More detailed topic information will be gradually updated with the planning of conference affairs.

Special Lectures (Tentative):

* 20 minutes Presentation and 20 minutes Discussion and Q&A for each topic.

Speaker Lecture Title
1. Hans Forsstrom Mr. Hans Forsstrom
Senior Adviser at SKB International; Former Director, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology, IAEA, Sweden
Final Disposal of High Level Radioactive Waste in Europe
2. Ju Wang Dr. Ju Wang
Chief Designer, Beishan Underground Research Laboratory for HLW Disposal ; President, ISRM Commission on Radioactive Waste Disposal ; Vice President, Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology ; Head, HLW Disposal Program, China
Construction of the Beishan High-level Radioactive Waste Disposal Underground Research Laboratory in China
3. Rod Baltzer Mr. Rod Baltzer
Chief Operating Officer Deep Isolation, United States
Deep Borehole Disposal of HLRW